ELACTA meets in Milan

6-7-8- Feb 2020 The  Board of Elacta has met in Milan to prepare on the Conference

On this occasion we had a meeting with the representatives of AICPAM.
AICPAM President Gerardo Chirichiello visited the venue, the University of Milan, and met with ELACTA board and other AICPAM (board)members Miriam Lelli and Micaela Notarangelo.
All subjects for the conference were discussed and the possible venues for the speakersdinner has been visited
Our registration bureau Spazio Iris hosted our second meeting day.
Further agenda points were a skype call with Eva Bogensperger, chair of the Editorial group of our Magazine, and the finances which were wrapped up and already sent to our accountant for a check.  We discussed a new budget and the state of the art with the enormous enthousiasm of our members to become candidate for a board position. Beside, all taskgroups shared their results and planned activities of 2020.