CERPs International 2021


Cerps International is a unique event, organized by Elacta every other year, with the goal of combining science and learning with pleasure and networking, in a very vivid social program.

This event is usually hosted by one of our organisations, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were obliged to change our plans to an online event. Therefore, instead of meeting in France, Vallee de la Loire, we will meet live, online.
Speakers from different countries and associations will talk about “Challenges for European IBCLCs during Covid time” and other topics. We are also planning to facilitate networking between the participants.
The event is reserved for Elacta members. You can become an Elacta member through your country association or as an individual member (instructions in link).

7th and 8th May – Two full days conference in English.

You need to register and pay 50 euros for this event

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9th May – one full day sessions in French,

FREE for Elacta members of the French association, even if you do not register for the previous two days in English.
Also FREE for the participants of CERPs International who have payed for the 7th and 8th May- the event in  English. 
Both the registrants to the English conference, or the member of the French association need to register for the French sessions completing the registration form in French, but they do not need to pay! 
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Your registration will be confirmed as soon as Elacta receives the payment (you can pay by bank transfer, paypal, and credit card via Transferwise. Instructions in the payment page). You can send an email to finance@elacta.eu with the proof of your payment to speed up the confirmation process.