Poster-walk ELACTA 2022

Below you can find and read the posters that were presented at the ELACTA 2022 Conference in Bremen

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis , an enigmatic diagnosis – case presentation
Marta Muresan

Giving Voice to Mothers–Expressing Breast Milk for their Preterm Infants
Iby Puthenkalapurayil Chacko

Lactation-associated breast pain: changing perspective. A narrative review
Enrica Delfino, Lorella Faraoni, Roberta Netto, Micaela Notarangelo

Induced Lactation for Women with Endometriosis
Adi Kliffer-Barmeir; Dr. Gina Weissman

Continuous Erector Spinae Plane Block for unresponsive lactating breast pain: a case series.
Enrica Delfino, Lorella Faraoni, Roberta Netto, Micaela Notarangelo

Pain During Breastfeeding: A Multidisciplinary Approach In Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Bergamo
Lorella Faraoni, P. Ghilardi, Cesa S, G. Bacis

Pregabalin for persistent lactating breast pain: a case series
Lorella Faraoni, E. Delfino, M. Notarangelo, C. Toti, R. Netto, G. Bacis

COvid VACcination during LACtation: the COVALAC-study
Joke Muyldermans, Kirsten Maertens, Elke Leuridan, Joeri Aerts, Eline Tommelein

Evaluation of the prevalence and duration of breastfeeding in women at risk of perinatal depression in order to optimize the health outcomes for mother and child
Marina Astengo

Establishing an International Milk Line Building a bridge for breastfeeding mothers across China
Orr Cohen, Dr Gina Weissman