Taskgroups within the Board 

(CH= Chair)

  1. Magazine. External Eva Bogensperger (CH), Joke Muyldermans and the Editorial group. We will work closely together in order to produce English and German versions of the magazine, full of European articles.
  2. Recognition & Communication. Micaela Notarangelo (CH), Christina Law-Mclean.  We will work mainly on the recognition of our profession.
  3. Conference. Christina Law-Mclean (CH), Joke Muyldermans, Daiva Sniukaite and Micaela Notarangelo. Three persons from BDL will be added to this group. The next conference will be held in Germany.
  4. Core Values. Daiva Sniukaite, Dinka Barić and Maria Enrica Bettinelli. We will work on revising the statutes and bylaws according to the Strategic Plan.
  5. Website and social media. Joke Muyldermans (CH), Micaela Notarangelo and Christina Law-Mclean. We have an external webbuilder: Nicole van der Draaij from Count me Online. This means maintenance of the website and our facebook.
  6. Education, Research and Translation. Maria Enrica Bettinelli (CH), Dinka Barić and Daiva Sniukaite. We are working on breastfeeding education in Europe in order to reach a common core curriculum in different languages. We want to highlight the research made by IBCLCs and facilitate the breastfeeding training through Elacta educational grant.

Mihaela Niţa will help all the taskgroups for a good and smooth transition