Taskgroups within the Board 

(CH= Chair)

  1. Recognition & Communication. Renata Verottazzi (CH).  Work mainly on the recognition of IBCLC profession in Europe.
  2. Conference. Livia Bratu (CH),  in collaboration with representatives from  Romanian Lactation Consultants Association. The next conference in 2026 will be held in Romania.
  3. Core Values. Daiva Sniukaite (CH),  Work on revising, updating the Statutes, bylaws, procedures, implementation of WHO Code.
  4. Website and social media. Asta Vilpisauskiene, Daiva Sniukaite. Work on maintenance of the ELACTA website and  facebook page.
  5. Education, Research and Translation. MIhaela NIta (CH). Work on breastfeeding education in Europe in order to reach a common core curriculum in different languages. We want to highlight the research made by IBCLCs and facilitate the breastfeeding training through Elacta educational grant.
  6. Membership. Dinka Barič (CH). Communication regarding all kind of membership in ELACTA, renewal of membership.

We are looking for the Volunteers to contribute to the work of the Task groups. If you are interested in any Task group listed above, please contact office@elacta.eu