CERPs International

ELACTA Scholarship Cerps International 2023 Winners

This year ELACTA  awarded  scholarships for CERPs International  event to the following Elacta members:

Zorica Kovač (Croatia)

Julie Konako Zandman (Israel)

Asta Vilpišauskienė (Lithuania)

Lina Barska (Ukraine)

Aubrey Richardson (France)

Simona Ivanciu (Romania)

Congratulations to the winners!

ATTENTION of the winners:  if you did not receive the personal information letter about the scholarship to your email box, please kindly contact by email daiva.sniukaite@elacta.eu immediately.

What is CERPs international?

Cerps International is a very special training event organized by ELACTA for its members and those who want to become members. IBCLC colleagues from all over Europe meet in a small group to learn from and with each other. We keep the feel-good factor very high.

In the morning we listen to the submitted lectures, workshops or case reports, while in the afternoon/evening we get to know the host country, its culture, nature and cuisine, and have ample time to exchange ideas with colleagues from different countries, to get to know each other better and to deepen discussions.

On 21-23 April 2023, we will meet in the beautiful island of Malta!

Why is there no program in the call for papers?

No speakers will be invited for this event, instead the program will be created from the contributions submitted by the participants. Experienced colleagues probably have ready-made presentations or workshops they can share with us, younger colleagues may want to test their presentation skills in this small, protected setting. And certainly, most of us have interesting case reports to share with other colleagues.

From experience, we have always had a very diverse program with which we could award something like 10 – 12 CERPs.

The main event language is English, but as soon as we have enough participants and speakers in another language we can organize parallel lectures in that language.

We will keep all registered participants informed about the submitted papers and speakers.

Event participants fee – 60 Euro

Event speakers (for selected topics and speakers) – 30 Euro.

You will pay the fee upon arrival at the event.

We have selected the event venue at the Urban Valley Resort in Malta.

You have to book the room yourself with the special price before March 10. 

Please book your rooms DIRECTLY  through the Hotel sending the email to  reservations@urbanvalleyresort.com . You need to provide dates, details and mentioning: ELACTA Event to benefit of the rates before the March 10 or, if you have futher questions,   contact the Hotel  at +356 21385926


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