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EARLY BIRD price ends on 14 January, 2024
REGULAR Conference price 15 January – 31 March, 2024
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Thursday, 16 May 2024 Workshop

At this conference ELACTA is offering workshops in several languages. Please, choose the workshop of your mother or the language you learned.

8:00 Conference Registration (until 17.00)

9.00 Workshops 1-6* part I

10.30 Break

11.00 Workshops 1-6* part II

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Workshops 7-12* part I

15.00 Break

15.30 Workshops 7-12* part II

16.30 End workshop sessions

18.00 Social program (information coming soon) 

20.00 Reception


WS1 ENGLISH Medication during breastfeeding Hands-on practice exercices 2,5 L

Eline Tommelein, BELGIUM

WS2 ENGLISH Restricted tongue, lip or buccal tie, do we have more options then lasering or cutting? 2,5 L

Nathalie Baeyens and Katia Wilbroorts, BELGIUM

WS3 FRENCH Nécrose du sein et adénomatose érosive du mamelon durant l’allaitement 2,5 L

Anne Niset, BELGIUM

WS4 ENGLISH Maternal mental health 2,5 L

Marija Bagdoniené, LITHUANIA

WS5 GERMAN Mental health and breastfeeding, diagnoses and support of mothers 2,5 L

Natalie Groiss, GERMANY 

WS6 ENGLISH How to apply the WHO code in practice 2,5 E

Elise Chapin – ITALY

WS7 FRENCH La diversification alimentaire – du sein à la forchette 2,5 L

Katelijne Moreau – BELGIUM (mail sended 14/09 and resend 21/09)

WS8 ENGLISH Feminism and breastfeeding 2,5 L


WS9 GERMAN Intuitive breastfeeding  2,5 L

Simone Lehwald, GERMANY

WS10 ENGLISH neurological reflexes and breastfeeding 2,5 L

Adina Popov, ROMANIA

WS11 Abstract presentations/Oral communications 2,5 L

selected abstracts

WS12 Presidents’ meeting

On invitation for Presidents of the member associations of ELACTA

The conference organisers reserve the right to change the program for unforeseen reasons.