4th of March, 2020

The European Lactation Consultants Alliance (ELACTA) is proud to launch a petition regarding the recognition of the IBCLC profession on March 4th 2020, on the occasion of celebrating this year’s International IBCLC Day.

The recognition of the IBCLC profession in Europe has been a major and rising goal for professionals in many EU countries, who are working hard and investing time and resources to bring high quality lactation care to an increasing number of parents. Supporting breastfeeding contributes to the health and well-being of babies and breastfeeding mothers, while also protecting the environment.

ELACTA has created a Task Group dedicated to advocating for the IBCLC profession in Europe, in order to support the National Associations of IBCLCs. The goal of this Task Group is to make the IBCLC a standalone profession, recognized by political and governmental bodies, embedded in the educational, healthcare and insurance systems.

As part of this ongoing, collective effort to bring professional breastfeeding support to more and more families, ELACTA promotes this call to action that will prove the need for recognition. The petition is addressed to everybody supporting public health and green feeding, including IBCLCs, lactation care workers, healthcare professionals and parents who have received help from an IBCLC and value their input.

The petition can be signed online here:

For further information regarding the petition or the work of ELACTA’s Task Group Recognition and Communication, please contact Mihaela Nita, at: