Call for Volunteers


Are you the IBCLC who can do more than support breastfeeding? Are you searching for more challenges in a life full of breasts and babies? Would you like to level up your supportive profession? Do you want to develop your hidden organizational and management skills?

Love to work together with like-minded personalities from different cultures? Would you like to meet 3 times yearly in a different European country with a group of cheerful and ambitious women? Do you have some spare time?

If so, ELACTA Board likes to meet you!

We are an enthusiastic team of IBCLCs who like to do boardwork beside our routine jobs. We stand for work with these intentions: transparency, honesty, cooperation and the will to educate yourself and ask questions


  • Working together on pursuing the goals as stated in the Vision of ELACTA
  • Read and replyto mail / e-mail; reading and on request commenting documents
  • For the total work on this function: an average of 8 hrs a week.
  • IBCLC certificate
  • Attendingpersonal board meetings (about 3 times per year 3 days)
  • Prepare and attending Skype board meeting (once a month)
  • Working with excel, dropbox and skype
  • Affinity or experience with special skills is appreciated (like bookkeeping; you like working with figures)

ELACTA gives you the great opportunity to share activities with IBCLC’s of other countries, to organize events in Europe, and to practise policies. We offer you a little boardfee for this function.

If this description suits you, then please send your application with CV to:  we have prolongued the date of application to the 1st of February 2020. The person(s) of choice is requested to join the GA on the 15th of May in Milan 2020.

For inquiries about ELACTA Boardwork please contact