Vote at the General Assembly 2022

During ELACTA General Assembly 2022, there will be the votation for the election of new Board Members. 

Only IBCLCs who are ELACTA members are allowed to vote in the General Assembly. 

You can vote:

  1. In person, if you are present at the General Assembly
  2. By delegating one person who will be present at the General Assembly and who will represent you

Vote in person

At the General Assembly you will receive a ballot to express your vote, and one additional ballot if you are representing another person (see procedure for voting by delegation, you need the delegation form signed by the person you are representing).

Vote by delegation (proxy) at the General Assembly

If you will not be present at the General Assembly, but you wish to vote for the election of the new Board members, you can delegate a colleague (vote by proxy) to vote in your place. In order to do so you need to:

  1. fill in the google form, to register for delegate voting, before 10 May 12:00 pm, so that we know of your intention;
  2. download the delegation form you find at, fill it in and sign it; 
  3. give the signed copy of the delegation form to the person who will represent you at the General Assembly. This document will be collected during the General Assembly in exchange for the ballot paper for voting.

If any of these conditions is not complied with, it will not be possible to accept your vote.

In order to vote, you need to have a Google account. You can create a Google account with your usual/professional/personal email without the need to create a gmail account.