General Assembly – Conference 2024

The ELACTA General Assembly will be held on May 17, 2024 in Liege, Belgium in conjunction with the ELACTA conference Breastfeeding: Power of Connecting.


This year, ELACTA has prepared online voting for its members who will not come and participate in the General Assembly on May 17, 2024 in Liege, Belgium.

We remind you that only ELACTA members with valid IBCLC status can participate in the General Assembly and vote. Members who will come to the conference and take part in the General Assembly, will have to participate and vote live.

In order to vote, you must first register for voting (the link for registration is provided below).

After you register, the administrator will review your profile and authorize it. Approved ELACTA members will receive a link with the ballot and will be able to vote. Information and an activated voting link will be sent to approved members separately, which will only be valid for a specified time. You will be given the opportunity to online read the documents on which you will vote.

According to clause 8.6 of the ELACTA Statute „The votes of non-attendant members must be submitted ten days ahead of the General Assembly at the latest.“

Follow the information and participate in the vote virtually.



We are looking for volunteers for the Audit Committee, who should be approved by the General Assembly on May 17, 2024.

According to the valid ELACTA Statutes, the auditors are elected for one working term.

The audit committee consists of 2 persons. Auditors may be non ELACTA members and non IBCLCs.

Auditor’s tasks:

Check once a year the financial books received from ELACTA’s accountant in accordance with ELACTA’s procedures and the approved budget.

Every 2 years to participate in person and to present the conclusions of the group of auditors in the General Assembly in one of the European countries.


Willing to work in a team of auditors;

Dutiful, accurate, responsible

Excellent command of English (oral and written);

Obligation to submit audit conclusions by the established deadlines;

Possibility to participate in online meetings of the auditor group, if necessary – in live meetings (paid by ELACTA);

Advantage skills for candidates:

Experience working in an NGO as treasurer, second treasurer or auditor;

German language skills (oral and written);


Helping the alliance of lactation consultants to properly manage their finances, improve their professional qualities.

Elacta offers to the Auditors one free place for the ELACTA conferences, which is held every 2 years in a European country and offers CERPs. The Auditors can share it as 50% discount on the registration, or assign it to the one selected to present their report at the General assembly.


Auditor cannot be the Chairman/President of the Member Association, a former member of the ELACTA Board of Directors for the last term.

If you are interested to volunteer this term for ELACTA, please send your free form application and short bio to by March 31, 2024.​



The call is closed

The new composition of the Board will be approved at the General Assembly. ELACTA members with the valid IBCLC certificate may  apply to become a Board Members.


ELACTA is looking for new members to fill vacant Board Member positions.

In May 2024, we are electing a new ELACTA Board and we invite you to submit applications to become a Member of the new Board.

In accordance with the Current ELACTA Statutes, ELACTA members holding a valid IBCLC certificate may be elected to the Board of Directors.

A board member is expected to:

  1. Comply with WHO/UNICEF Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitudes.
  2. Work together in a team on pursuing the goals as stated in the Vision of ELACTA.
  3. Have good understanding of English language, in speaking and writing.
  4. Attend monthly online meetings and personal Board meetings (about 3 times per year in a European city: 2 days + travel time) Once per year a board meeting will take place during an event of more than 2 days.
  5. Lead one assigned task group.
  6. Will to visit other member countries for PR activities (ELACTA reimburses these costs)
  7. Have the ability to use communication tools and a generally well-functioning Internet connection. Be able to use various IT programs.
  8. Read and reply to mail / e-mail; reading and on request commenting documents.
  9. For the total work on this function: an average of 8 hrs a week.

ELACTA gives you the great opportunity to share activities with IBCLC’s of other countries, to organize events in Europe, and to practise policies. We offer you a boardfee for this function. 

If this description suits you, then please send your Motivation letter  with CV, letters of recommendation  by 31 January, 2024 to: You will be asked to have a short skype interview during the application process. The person of choice will be requested to join the General Assembly that will take place at the next Elacta Conference in Liege, Belgium  May 16-17, 2024.  

For inquiries about ELACTA Boardwork please contact 

For infromation update follow on the website and facebook.