News from TG Recognition & Communication

TG Recognition&Communication started the year with a personal meeting in Bucharest on the 10th of January.

7 participants from 5 countries worked for a whole day planning the next year projects.

We are focusing on the recognition of the IBCLC profession at the European level. We are happy to see that a lot of our member associations did steps in implanting the professional profile in their countries. We are going to develop a social media platform to better communicate with our member associations regarding this project in order to strengthen the position of the IBCLC in the member countries and also to help with the implementation of the professional profile.

Regarding the communication- we encourage all our member associations to communicate more about the IBCLC as the highest credential in breastfeeding and lactation care.

We continued working at PR materials for the social media and website that reinforce the position of the IBCLC in the breastfeeding and lactation field.