General Assembly 2022

ELACTA General Assembly will be on May 13th, 2022, in Bremen, Germany.

On this page you will find information about the agenda and about the voting process for the renewal of the Board of Directors.

General Assembly Agenda

The Agenda is updated periodically, check for the last version before the Assembly.

1. Welcome
2. Operational matters
3. Report of Activities
4. Financial report
5. Discharge Board of Directors
6. Voting & transition to the new Board
7. Resolutions
8. Looking forward
9. Questions
10. Closing

Procedural information:
  • You can find the ELACTA statutes at
  • Should you have anything to add to the agenda, please send your additional points to by 1 May 2022 at the latest.
  • Only ELACTA members that are IBCLCs can vote. Every member has one vote.
  • Voting for Board elections can be performed in writing at the GA or electronically. Procedures will be notified in this page as soon as possible.
  • The transfer of a vote to another member by means of written proxy is allowed.
  • In case a voting about a statement is needed, participants of the GA will vote by show of hands and majority decision. These statements must be part of the agenda.
  • Questions to the ELACTA board can be sent prior of the meeting to, or can be asked verbally during the GA.

Vote at the General Assembly

During ELACTA General Assembly 2022, there will be the votation for the election of new Board Members.
Only IBCLCs who are ELACTA member are allowed to take part in the General Assembly and to vote.

You can vote:

  1. In person, if you are present at the General Assembly
  2. By delegating one person who will be present at the General Assembly and who will represent you

Information about the voting process will be published as soon as the slate will be available.

Candidatures for New Board Directors for ELACTA

Five of the present Board members, namely Mihaela Nita, Daiva Sniukaite, Micaela Notarangelo, Dinka Baric, Joke Muyldermans, accepted to stay for another term, to continue the work and bring continuity to the Board.

Christina Law-McLean and Maria Enrica Bettinelli are leaving the Board, and we thank them for their appreciated service.

The following Elacta memebers has put themselves forward for becoming new Board members. The General Assembly is called on to vote for them.

Anne Christine Manawa Nougho (BDL)
Livia Bratu (ACLR)

You can find the new candidates information here:

New candidates for ELACTA Board

General Assembly documents

Minutes of the ELACTA 2020 General Assembly held online (4 pages)

Elacta Financial statements (2 pages)

Accountant Report 2020-2021 (6 pages)

Auditors Report 2020-2021 (2 pages)