Lactation & Breastfeeding 2016-4

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Lactation & Breastfeeding 2016-4



  • Observation in Dr. Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Support Clinic in August 2016
  • Pain During Breastfeeding Handout: “Power-Pumping” – Super Stimulation
  • For Milk Production
  • AME: A Tool to Maximize Breastmilk Production in Challenging Cases
  • Breastfeeding: Smart, Cool and Career-right
  • AICPAM Conference From
  • 21st to 22nd October 2016 in Bologna, Italy
  • CERPs International 24.–28. 5. 2017 in Salzburg/Austria
  • Call For a Co-opting Board Member
  • Meeting ELACTA With BDL on 9th September 2016 in Berlin
  • From Member associations
  • Making a Healthy Start Possible For Every Baby
  • Science: New Figures on the Health-Protective
  • Effect of Breastfeeding

This PDF is the quaterly magazine of ELACTA, number 4 of 2016. It gives you an overview of articles and other information about Lactation and Breastfeeding. In this issue you will find a tool to increase breastmilk production, AME; science: new figures on the health protective effect of BF; information about Events of ELACTA; report of Jack Newman’s BF support Clinic and many more