Poster 1
Effect of Early Rooming-in in Exclusive Breastfeeding of Healthy Late Prematures -a randomized trial

Poster 2
Increase Maternal Breastmilk Use in the NICU by Using a Quality Improvement Initiative

Poster 3
Introducing Breastfeeding to Premature Infants Needing Respiratory Support Using Biological Nurturing – experience from clinical practice

Poster 4
Role of Technologies for Breastfeeding

Poster 5
Why Does Breastmilk Smell Sour?

Poster 6
Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier: meeting the needs of mother and baby (safely)

Poster 7
Ready-made Educational Breastfeeding Material to Improve Parental Education and Empower (future) Parents

Poster 8
Barriers, Incentives and Needs of Flemish Employees and Employers to Obtain Breastfeeding Supporting Workplaces

Poster 9
 The Refugee Crisis in Greece: Strategies for Infant Feeding Support

Poster 10
How to Improve UK Support for Breastfeeding Using a River Metaphor

Poster 11
Providing Effective and Specialized Care to Breastfeeding Women with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Poster 12
Ligurian IBCLC Task Force for Education in Public Health Settings

Poster 13
 The Role of Staphylococcus Aureus and Panton-Valentine Toxin in Lactational Mastitis and Breast Abscesses: a prospective longitudinal study

Poster 14
Breastfeeding: Biological and Social Variables Compared to Mode of Conception

Poster 15
Childhood and the role of Biosocial Inheritance

Poster 16
Establishing Standards in IBCLC Preparation

Poster 17
Where Do Breastfeeding Mothers Seek Help with Breastfeeding and What Advice Are They Receiving? comparison between Croatia and Slovenia

Poster 18
LatchOn: A protocol for a Multi-centre, Randomised Controlled Trial of Perinatal Support to Improve Breastfeeding Outcomes in Women With Overweight and Obesity in Ireland

Poster 19
Impact on Breastfeeding After Lip Tie and / or Tongue-tie Release Parents Experiences in Finland

Poster 20
The Romanian Project: The MAternity MAgic Program – from the womb to mother’s chest

Poster 21
Could the Only Postpartum Weight Loss Be a Predictor Factor for Early Interruption of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Term Healthy Newborns?


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