ELACTA in the Baltic

The  Board of Elacta has met in Vilnius, Lithuania!

On this occasion we had a meeting with the representatives of Lithuanian and Latvian IBCLC associations. 
They unify  all who support breastfeeding and comply with the code.
The Lithuanian Lactation and Breastfeeding Consultants Association (Lalak) was represented by the President Daiva Sniukaite-Adner ( ELACTA board member, secretary)  and board members Judita  Dovydenaite and Asta Vilpisauskiene.
The Latvian association Zidit was represented by Latvian boardmembers Evita and Anete.
During the informal meeting we discussed  the status of  IBCLC profession, recognition  and the education possibilities for the ones that want to become IBCLC.
Because of the various reasons the number of IBCLCs is very low in both countries. The number of IBCLCs  in Lithuania has increased, from 1 in 2004  up to 7 till 2019. Several IBCLCs have emigrated to other countries.  In both countries the IBCLC profession is not recognized. The ones that want to sit for exam have difficulties in finding the appropriate education and obtaining supervised experience.
In order to address these problems, the taskgroups Recognition & Communication and Education& Research will discuss how Elacta can help to strenghten the smaller associations.
Our key message “how to become an IBCLC” and the advantages being an IBCLC , will have to be clearly communicated.