Do you know that we have elections for ELACTA Board 2020-2022 ?

All presidents of the ELACTA member associations received detailed instructions. If you are IBCLC and ELACTA member, ask them and vote before the 1st of May 2020!
Our individual members ( who have no memberassociation part of ELACTA) have received the voting form too. Please select 7 preferred candidates an send you vote to vote@elacta.eu.
The GENERAL ASSEMBLY will take place as planned , on 15 of May 2020. We organized it online due to the pandemic. We asked the presidents to request power of attorney by their members, to represent their association during the GA.
Voting procedure: you have received the voting forms and list for nominees by email (either directly from ELACTA (individual members) or by the president of your memberassociation. When you did not receive it, contact your president. For the completeness, here are the links to the documents:
Votes can only be done by members, and only if they are IBCLC. Send in your vote before the 1st of May 2020 to: vote@elacta.eu