Workshops Program

Thursday, 12 May 2022 – Workshops

At this conference ELACTA is offering workshops in several languages. Please, choose the workshop of your mother or learned language. Workshops are not translated in other languages.

Morning 9:00-12:00

WS1  ENGLISH – Joke Muyldermans, BELGIUM
Nipple problems, how the nipple reveals the problem 2,5 L

WS2  FRENCH – Véronique Darmangeat, FRANCE
Baby sucking evaluation: the latest studies on sucking, evaluation, external sucking evaluation. Evaluation de la succion du bébé: dernières études sur la succion, l’évaluation et évaluation externe de la succion 2,5 L

WS3  GERMAN – Ulrike Giebel, GERMANY
Breastfeeding with cleft lip and palate. Das andere Stillen bei Kindern mit LKG Spaltbildungen 2,5 L

Code: navigating the WHO Code for IBCLCs 2,5 E

WS5   ENGLISH – Tatiana Kondrashova, RUSSIA
Mindful latching: the art of movement and the science of biomechanics 2,5 L

WSMB ENGLISH – Thorsten Körner and Christina Law-McLean, GERMANY
Visiting Milk Bank – Bremen Hospital 2,5 L
Location: Klinikum Links der Weser 

Afternoon 13:30-16:30

WS6   ENGLISH – Thomas Harms, GERMANY
Breathing, inner security and attachment. Body-oriented crisis-intervention for parents and infants in acute situations after birth 2,5 L

WS7   GERMAN – Cornelia Fuhr, GERMANY
Tongue tie. Stillen bei verkürzten oralen Bändern (Zungenband) 2,5 L

Parental education, preparing future parents for breastfeeding 2,5 L

WS9   Abstract presentations/Oral communications 2,5 L
8 selected abstracts (find here the Call for abstracts!)

WS10  Presidents’ meeting
On invitation for Presidents of the member associations of ELACTA

WSMB GERMAN – Thorsten Körner and Christina Law-McLean, GERMANY
Visiting Milk Bank – Bremen hospital.
Führung durch die Bremer Frauenmilchbank  2,5 L
Location: Klinikum Links der Weser


Workshops 1-10 will be held at:
Radisson Blu Hotel, Bremen: Böttcherstraße 2, Bremen

Workshops WSMB will be held at:
Klinikum Links der Weser: Senator-Weßling-Straße 1, Bremen


The program may be subject to changes due to unforseen situations