(English) Lactation & Breastfeeding 2018-4

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(English) Lactation & Breastfeeding 2018-4


(English) Content in brief:

-Mothers‘ views on information provided to pregnant mothers on preparing for
-An example of building a breastfeeding counseling practice
-HANDOUT: Caring properly for sore Mammillae
-The incorrectly called “Breastmilk Jaundice”
-News from ELACTA Board
-News from the memberassociations
-Growth factor: Breastfeeding
-50 years ago, she dove into the Breastfeeding World – and today, she’s still swimming.
-How do we support mothers to breastfeed effectively after early postpartum discharge?
-The risk of cataracts: the longer women breastfeed, the lower the risk of developing this disease

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