CERPs International Payment

After submitting the registration form, complete the payment by one of the methods described below.

The registration fee for CERPs International is 50€, which you need to pay in order to complete the registration process.

After the payment, send the receipt to finances@elacta.eu. Remember to specify the name of the person registred, especially if the payment is made by a different person/entity (such as a partner, or an employer).

1. Bank Transfer:
If you are in Euro zone, it’s probably the cheapest and easiest way to pay your registration at CERPs International.

ELACTA bank details are as follow:

Raiffeisenbank Gramastetten-Herzogsdorf
IBAN: AT19 3413 5000 0732 2266
Name: Elacta
Address: Wigretsberg 15, A-4175 Herzogsdorf Austria

2. Transferwise
(bank transfer or credit card)

If you are in country for which exchange rate or bank commissions make it expensive to use a direct bank transfer, we recommend you to look into Transferwise (https://transferwise.com/). You need to create an account, which is free of charge, and then you can send money to bank accounts in most parts of the world by using a direct transfer from your bank account or from your credit card. It is very cheap and exchange rates are more convenient than those of credit cards or other institutions, generally. Any fee is transparent, being declared beforehand, so you are sure of what you will pay and how much the recipient will receive. We strongly advise this method for those outside of the Euro zone. If you find a more convenient method, please, let us know.

3. Paypal: if you have a paypal account, you can send the money to paypal@elacta.eu. 

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