Grants for Educational events: call for applications



Dear ELACTA-members,


  • Are you planning an educational event in the field of lactation, and cannot afford it?
  • Does your education have a high practice relevance?
  • Is the educational event planned to start
    • In the first trimester 2022?
    • In the second semester of 2022?


ELACTA wants to support member associations in need of funding to organize non-profit educational events. The board is happy to announce that the ELACTA board will support Code-compliant conferences (see ELACTA Disclosure Policy of Conflict of Interest) with an amount up to € 1,000 each as postulated in our ELACTA goals for 2020 – 2022.


If applicable to your member association, please send both the Conference Grant Application Form and Conference Grant Application Criteria form, together with your planned budget and program.


The deadline are the following:


  • For events in the first trimester 2022: 28 February 2022.
  • For events in the second semester 2022: 30 April 2022.




ELACTA will come back by e-mail to you with their board decision on the selected project, as following


  • For events in the first trimester 2022: 15 March 2022
  • For events in the second semester 2022: 15 May 2022


Since the improvement of lactation support is our common goal, we do appreciate topics with high practice relevance for breastfeeding dyads or IBCLCs in their daily work. The allocation of funds depends on your score, and on the final decision of the ELACTA Board.


Your commitment: we expect you to write an article about this educational event in our ELACTA-magazine L&B. ELACTA can have 2 free entrance and present ELACTA promotional materials at the event (video and presentation). We are looking forward to your applications!

Please request the application forms and send them to: