Secretary and Deputy Secretary Job Description

ELACTA Board Member Job Description

Member Board of Directors – Secretary and Deputy Secretary

A member of the Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible and accountable to the BOD and the association members.  

The Secretary supports the President in the management of ELACTA’s affairs. She takes the minutes of the General Assembly and the meetings of the Board of Directors.


It is required that a Director (Secretary):  
  1. is an ELACTA member in good standing, who has completed 2 years of ELACTA membership immediately prior to 1 April 2022;
  2. is a current IBCLC;  
  3. has a strong interest in the growth and development of ELACTA; and  
  4. has demonstrated leadership, and/ or management experience in a national, regional or international NGO, agency or coalition.  
It is desired that a SECRETARY:  
  1. has prior experience working within or with  ELACTA;  
  2. has experience in organizing, managing meetings, writing minutes, communicating within and outside organization;  
  3. is fluent in written and verbal English; practicing good communication skills with staff, colleagues and organization members;  
  4. is proficient and comfortable with common software programs, (such as Google and Microsoft Office, WhatsApp, etc.) learning new systems and software & familiar with social media outlets;  
  5. is sensitive to the challenges of ensuring equitable access to membership within ELACTA for underrepresented groups;
  6. has a professional or formal degree, 
  7. possesses virtual leadership, teamwork.  


  1. work as a team member;
  2. maintain confidentiality of all ELACTA BOD communications; 
  3. commit to time requirements necessary for effective Board Governance.  (approximately 8 hrs/ week) 
  4. participate in all ELACTA BOD meetings, which may be held face-to-face, online, or over the  telephone;  
  5. use organizational procedures for approval, as required, before any communication is  sent or released in ELACTA’s name or on ELACTA letterhead;  
  6. keep current with issues before the activities of the ELACTA BOD and staff, the Strategic Plan, and the policies and procedures of the ELACTA;  
  7. recommend new or revised policies and procedures as needed;  
  8. prepare and present monthly overview of media related to IBCLC and ELACTA work, prepare press releases and be the end responsible for releasing information through possible information channels; 
  9. take leadership of/participate in TG Recognition and Communication or TG Education, Translation and Research.
  10. respond to all ELACTA BOD communications:
  11. be familiar with materials published by ELACTA;  
  12. represent ELACTA at conferences, meetings, or designated committees according to procedures and at the request of the ELACTA BOD;  
  13. collaborate with BOD for preparing annual and term Reports;
  14. provide a smooth transition when leaving the ELACTA BOD position.  


Directors are elected for a two-year term. For further information on terms, review ELACTA  bylaws, Statutes sections 10.2.  


A Director will need the following:  

  1. available fast internet connection;
  2. a personal computer with capacity for Internet and e-mail access; and
  3. a smartphone.  


  1. In-Person Meetings: The ELACTA BOD usually meets face-to-face three (3) times each year. These meetings are typically two (2) consecutive weekend or working days.  Participation is mandatory.  
  2. Virtual Meetings: The ELACTA BOD meets monthly through online communications  (approximately 1 hour, up to 3 hours).  Participation is mandatory.
  3. Other Duties: Other ELACTA BOD related duties that may include participating or leading an ELACTA TG.  


  1. All Directors are volunteers.  
  2. ELACTA reimburses expenses incurred while performing the duties required of the position according to procedure based on financial documents.